SFCIF offers support to potential project partners throughout the application process. Furthermore, it offers support to existing project partners to create comprehensive business plans, assist with day-to-day oversight and manage project outcomes.

Application Process


Before submitting a proposal to the SFCIF, please email or call us.

You must then complete a pre-application form online covering the following information:

    • General contact information
      • Project background and information
      • Organizational background and information
      • Community benefits detail and information

Once your project has been pre-approved, a more thorough application with official documentation must be submitted.

Given the limited time frame SFCIF has to deploy its NMTC allocations, proposed projects must demonstrate at application an ability to move forward and close within 3 to 6 months. Furthermore, it must demonstrate the need for NMTC subsidy.

Once a complete application has been received, the SFCIF Board of Directors and Advisory Board will consider the project and make a decision about funding within 60-days of receipt.