SFCIF provides much needed capital for projects in San Francisco's economically challenged communities that create jobs, stimulate investment and improve quality of life for low-income residents.




The San Francisco Community Investment Fund envisions a prosperous and culturally vibrant San Francisco with sustainable
and livable communities for all.



Funding community impact: We believe that supporting impactful projects in low-income communities can transform distressed communities and create better lives for residents of these communities.

Equity, Economy and Environment: We believe all individuals should receive fair treatment and have equal access to sustainable and livable communities and the resources needed to create them.

Sound and sustainable investments: We are committed to investing in financially sound, sustainable projects that make a difference.

Respect and diversity: We celebrate the racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of the communities we serve.

Community benefits: We support projects that provide community benefits on many levels from primary benefits of the project to secondary benefits like local workforce development and community programs. We strive to create positive impact in a variety of ways for all our project partners, stakeholders and the communities we serve

Public-private partnerships: We are committed to combining the strength of government with the flexibility and resources of the private sector. In partnership, we can maximize impact.

Collaboration: We value and seek communication and collaboration with individuals and organizations that share our goals.